Training Services

To get familiar with all the functions and features of the systems, we highly recommend product trainings. HENSOLDT Avionics offers trainings to be conducted at customers location or at our own training facility in Germany. Several packages are available to meet exactly the needs of the operator.

All trainings can be customized to correspond to the installation in the aircraft and to fit the dedicated mission profile. A class-room training will explain all the features and functions. Training stations with EuroNav simulators allow immediate practice. Every trainee will receive a training package including printed and electronic documents.

Operator´s Training

Pilots and/or observers will be trained the theoretical capabilities of the EuroNav system. Additionally a hands-on training via the EuroNav simulators will be given. The training includes pré-, enroute and post-flight operations on the EuroNav.

Duration: 3 days

Administrator´s Training

This training elaborates on the in-depth configurability of the EuroNav application and databases, the map designs, map appearances (MMI), etc.

Duration: 2 days

Map Conversion Training

The map conversion training is targeting to train the customer system responsible map expert or the responsible of the geological service providing maps to the customer on our Map Conversion Suite application. They are trained hands-on from the conversion and tailoring of the available map samples to the downloading of the rendered EuroNav format files on the Digital Map Generator hardware.

Duration: 3-5 days (depending on customer map types and mapping experience of the attendees)

Ground Station Training

The EuroNav Ground Station training serves to train the mission preparation/debriefing responsible on the HENSOLDT Avionics Ground Station PC software module. This includes flight planning, mission & map preparation, map zoom configuration, map appearance editing, uploading/downloading of data to the Digital Map Generator, etc.

Duration: 2 days