HENSOLDT Avionics History

30 years of Airborne experience

The origins of HENSOLDT Avionics lie with the former Euroavionics, which was founded in the early 1990s as reseller for GPS-Systems. After developing its first own systems for Airborne applications, the company became supplier of Eurocopter (today Airbus Helicopters) at the end of the century. 

By successfully establishing in the Avionics market, Euroavionics further expanded its international footprint by subsidiaries in the UK and the United States.

In 2017, the Euroavionics group was acquisited by German sensor specialist HENSOLDT.

Scroll down to discover the milestones of the first 30 years of our history.


EUROAVIONICS established

Foundation of EuroAvionics Navigationssysteme, initially as a reseller for GPS-Systems


EuroNav – Birth of a product suite

Development of the first EuroNav generation. In the beginning, airborne as well as ground-based systems for vehicles are designed.


Systems airborne applications

Focus on systems designed for airborne applications, mainly for helicopters. Completion and marketing of the EuroNav I. First customers are Devon & Cornwall Police and DRF German Air Rescue.


Company breakthrough

Breakthrough as a company developing systems for aviation, covering both hardware and software. EUROAVIONICS becomes a supplier to Eurocopter Germany and welcomes first OEM customers.


RN6 computer

Development of the new RN6 computer is started, which will be the baseline for the fifth generation of EuroNav systems.


EuroNav V

Delivery of the first EuroNav V.


Civil certification of the EuroNav systems

Approval of EUROAVIONICS as production organization and general civil certification of the EuroNav systems. Introduction of the enhanced EuroNav V system with additional functions. New functions and increased performance make the EuroNav interesting for fixed wing applications.


New location for Pforzheim

Development for the latest generation of EuroNav starts at new location in Pforzheim.


EuroNav 7

Introduction of the new EuroNav 7 with its unique modular hardware concept


Cooperation with established partners

Cooperation with industry known partners to develop additional hardware modules for RN7 expanding its functionality and capabilities.


20th anniversary & UK expansion

EUROAVIONICS celebrates its 20th anniversary. In the same year, Aerotech UK Ltd. became part of the company, an accredited aviation software solutions company specialised in professional ground-based and iPad flight planning and flight operations software solutions.


First ERS Delivery & acquisition of LCX Systems LLC

The first Enhanced Reality System (ERS) is delivered, providing state-of-the-art features to improve mission operations. The system combines all major functions required for camera operations in one box and offers a powerful mission system for any airborne sensing platform.

Our longtime partner and exclusive Value-Added-Reseller LCX Systemsin Sarasota, Florida, is now a member of EUROAVIONICS. EUROAVIONICS USA provides sales, technical consulting, training and project management in North America.


Introduction of EB1

The Multipurpose Airborne Computer EB1, available with different operating systems, handles communication, mission software or entertainment programs. As part of the Aircraft´s mission avionic, EB1 is able to interface with third-party equipment to exchange data between the system or communicate between operator and ground.


New map concept & expanding to Switzerland

EUROAVIONICS provides a new in-house produced map concept with seamless homogeneous worldwide coverage and a new high performance map engine that guarantees fast update rates, smooth panning and zooming of maps.

In Sissach, EUROAVIONICS Schweiz AG is founded, initially focussing on industrial multi-copters and autopilots/flight computers for UAVs and OPVs. The multicopters target the market of professional operators such as police, fire brigades and inspection of infrastructures. The autopilot is offered in certified and non-certified versions as well as different hardware designs to cover requirements from small multi-copters up to MALE-class UAVs. With the foundation in Switzerland, EUROAVIONICS extends the existing product range and gets access to the growing UAV market.


The Multicopter Drone is a professional tool addressing the specific requirements of police and fire brigades. Engineered to highest quality standards with built in redundancy, the system allows the police to do crowd-control, acquire post-accident data as well as perform search missions.  Fire brigades will receive a comprehensive overview of the situation within minutes from arriving on site.


Sensor specialist HENSOLDT is taking over Euroavionics GmbH.