SferiRec SSDC Adapter

Solid State Data Carrier


  • The mobile SferiRec SSDC-Adapter COTS equipment, which can be used as desktop equipment in laboratory environment.
  • It has a robust metal housing and is designed for usage under extended environmental conditions.
  • Mobile tag unit


Interface device for Windows PCs and ground stations to read a Solid State Disc Carrier.

The SferiRec Solid State Disk Carrier-Adapter is used to interface the Solid State Data Carrier (SSDC/DID/MDT) types to host computers via standard computer interfaces. The SferiRec SSDC are typically used to transfer data from computer based Ground Support Stations to aircraft subsystems and vice versa.


  • Host PC/Laptop with Windows 7, 10 Operating System
  • Standard interfaces to host PC: USB 2.0 & 3.0
  • Supporting HENSOLDT SSDC types ranging from 10 MB up to 2 TB
  • SSDC operated as removable media device under control of the host computer
  • HENSOLDT Universal File Handling System (UFS) or FAT File System can be applied

Main Benefits

  • Fast and flexible data transfer capabilities
  • Qualified and certified
  • The SferiRec SSDC-Adapters are in service in various military aircraft programmes, e.g. TORNADO, TIGER, NH90 and EF2000 in combination with Operational Support Stations.



HENSOLDTs flight and mission data recording and management product family, comprises of flight and mission data recording, data transfer and analysis capabilities which are key capabilities for the complete mission life cycle.



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