Indispensable tool for optimal aircraft availability


  • Load items can be interactively defined and placed on the aircraft layout by drag & drop
  • Calculation of different weight values like Basic Weight, Zero Fuel Weight, Takeoff Weight
  • Aircraft configuration can be written to Aircraft data carrier allowing to automatically setup the aircraft with the planned configuration.



OptaLoad is a stand-alone application based on OptaPlan’s Weight & Balance. One of its many features is the necessary pre-flight calculation of the Load&Trim as well as Shear&Bending sheets as a function of aircraft configuration and loading. Administrators have the ability to define aircraft configurations starting from a clean A/C by instantiating load items and store aircraft configurations in the database. Based on these preconfigured configurations, Load Masters are then able to set-up mission-specific load scenarios.


  • Calculation of Centre of Gravity (CG)
  • Calculation, display and print of Load & Trim Sheet, Shear & Bending Sheet
  • Print of Load Item Sheets, Charts A, B, C, D, and F
  • Graphical display of Centre of Gravity including CG Limits (as defined by Chart F or Shear & Bending)

Main Benefits

  • By displaying the center of gravity, the Load Master is able to immediately compare the current configuration with the limits defined for the aircraft.
  • The development acc. to RTCA DO-278A means that no manual inspection and/or verification of the generated output is required.
  •  Reduction of the workload for the load masters.

Product Impressions