EN7 Simulator

Training tool


  • Map-Engine - displays raster, vector, terrain data and satellite pictures
  • Database & Search Engine - different databases can be installed
  • Overlays - different maps and databases shown simultaneously
  • HTAWS - includes Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System
  • Obstacle & Airspace Warnings


The EuroNav Simulator is an application meant for Microsoft© Windows© ‐based PCs. The simulation software can be installed on a standard PC or laptop and is nearly identical in terms of functionalities compared with the EuroNav 7 Software as applied for avionic tasks.


  • Nearly all functionalities of the EuroNav 7 are available
  • Get prepared to handle all types of scenarios and situations
  • Train and test system configurations at any time
  • Supports various operating system (Microsoft© Windows 7,8 & 10, Microsoft© Windows© XP)

Main Benefits

The EuroNav Simulator software together with a USB‐compatible Control Unit (CLN) can be used as training software respective for training purposes or in order to test different settings prior the implementation in the aircraft installed system

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions