Easy Task

Mission Planning and Support Tool


  • Flight Planning & Aircraft Performance Calculations
  • Live Aircraft and Camera Tracking
  • Mission Data Download, Playback and Review
  • Upload of Mission Data to EuroNav
  • Operational and Tactical Database
  • EuroNav Simulation and Configuration Control


EasyTask Ground Station is a comprehensive mission planning and support tool for EuroNav users. EasyTask allows users to mission plan, brief, communicate with the aircraft during flight and download mission data.


  • Appearance Settings for EuroNav objects
  • EuroNav Map Pack configuration options
  • Terrain elevation settings including warning bands
  • Up- and Download options (Global, Aircraft specific, Global Flight Record)

Main Benefits

The Ground Station utilises the state of the art EuroNav map engine with mission planning tools to provide users with an easy to use operation friendly solution. The software allows configuration of multiple EuroNav devices as well as ground based EuroNav simulation and mission replay.