Data Communication Server

Highly flexible communication software


  • Aircraft and Fleet Tracking
  • Asset and Target Tracking
  • Mission Communications & Debrief Functionalities
  • Multiple communication technologies (Messaging)
  • Automatic storage of mission data for post mission review and analysis


The Data Communication Server (DCS) creates a mission network between multiple assets, using multiple communication methods. Providing enhanced situational awareness for the mission, the DCS enables rapid and effective command and control functions over assets as well as a complete mission overview.


  • Improved mission control
  • Increased situational awareness
  • Multi asset command and communication
  • Command and Control
  • Communication direct to the EuroNav

Main Benefits

Designed for flexibility, the DCS can be adapted for use in any operational environment and mission, providing the user full oversight of the mission and control of communication. The DCS includes an optional inbuilt database for the analysis and audit of mission data or can be connected to an SQL database. The software allows the user control of communication paths and data access for each user.

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions