Heart of the Enhanced Reality System


  • High performance avionics computer
  • Developed according RTCA/DO-254,
    Level D
  • Qualified according to RTCA/DO-160F
  • Software developed according to DO-178B, Level D


The RE1 is the central part of the Enhanced Reality System, providing the graphic and data interfaces as well as drive slots for Solid-State-Drives. The combination of Enhanced Reality, Video Processing & Distribution, and Digital Video Recording in one single avionics qualified LRU is unique. The RE1 is a compact, lightweight and energy-efficient avionics computer; saving on LRU cost, weight, space, cables, and power consumption.

Additionally, the RE1 has an integrated WLAN chip that allows to perform remote wireless maintenance or uploads and download of map data, flight trace data, screenshots or videos. The internal LTE (4G) Module grants fast access to the internet of which a connected EuroNav 7 can also make use of.


  • Multi-Core CPU
  • LTE (4G) / WLAN
  • Multiple interfaces
  • Obsolescence management in place
  • Perform remote wireless maintenance
  • Hosted in a small 1/4 ATR, weight 3.1 kg

Main Benefits

The RE1 features a 64 Bit Multi-Core CPU with an additional powerful media processor as a DVR subsystem and for live video streaming as well as a 3D-Map-Generator engine for the vector data overlay. The ERS interfaces to a wide variety of control devices. Control mechanisms range from keyboards, Cursor Control Devices (CCD’s), Display Line Select Keys (LSK’s) to touch screens and/or the ERS Control Panel.

Product Impressions

Product Impressions