Exchange between ground and aircraft


  • 2x video inputs for video streaming (SDI)
  • 1x audio I/O (Stereo)
  • 14x high speed Ethernet ports
  • RTCA DO-160 qualified
  • Access to unit only via high secure authorization dongle (built in WIFI antenna)
  • Encryption software


CaviConnect provides the ability to exchange data between ground and aircraft in flight via LTE (4G) network with up to 4 simultaneous data connections. Its primary focus is on ensuring cybersecurity, employing encryption software to provide a robust security level. This versatile system is suitable for streaming video and audio content. It can operate independently as an airborne Wireless Access Point (WAP) or function as an LTE gateway.


  • High end firewall protection for HW & SW (public, private, secure)
  • Cheap datalink
  • Light energy consumption, weight and small size
  • Up to 4 x LTE (MIMO) data connection for different providers
  • Open platform, usage of third-party software (e.g. specific VPN software)

Main Benefits

The CaviConnect Ethernet ports support each, public, private and secure zones to provide a high level of cyber security. It is an easy solution to get a cheap datalink on board and an easy integration in the aircraft. Up to 4 x LTE (multiple input and multiple output) data connection minimizes default risk for data connection and offer the possibility to use different providers.

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions