EuroNav Systems

EuroNav 7 mission system for critical airborne applications


  • Certified to ETSO-C165a, ETSO-C194
  • Compliant to: Software RTCA/DO-178B Level C, Hardware RTCA/DO-254 Level C, RTCA/DO-160 F
  • Moving Map, Situational Awareness, Mission Management
  • Highly flexible system based on modular architecture


The EuroNav 7 is a Level C certified Moving Map, Situational Awareness and Mission Management System. It has been designed from the outset as a robust, capable and highly flexible integrated system that interfaces to a wide range of avionics, sensors and communications devices. The EuroNav 7 software is running on the powerful RN7 or RN7CM (cockpit mounted) hardware.


  • Dual Head capability - Two independent graphics outputs and controls
  • High-End Moving Map - 2D and 3D state-of-the-art GIS engine
  • Interoperability - Visualization and control of a broad range of third party avionics systems
  • Future Growth: Spare interfaces can be activated on demand and optional HW & SW modules can be activated

Main Benefits

The EuroNav 7 system is unbeaten in terms of interoperability and interfacing capabilities. Using modular hardware modules and a configurable software structure allows to add capabilities beyond any other mission system on the market. The system interfaces to virtually any third-party avionics system on board (FMS, TCAS, AIS, DF, WxR, EOS, etc.) to complete the layers of interactive information for the operator. Due to the modularity and the wide range of interfaces, the EuroNav 7 can be easily installed in nearly every cockpit environment – as retro-fit or new installation.

Moving Map

  • Map Engine

    The EuroNav 7 system processes and displays raster, vector and terrain data as well as satellite pictures and aerial photographs. A high performance map engine guarantees fast update rates and smooth panning and zooming of maps.

  • Databases

    Various databases can be installed on the EuroNav 7. This includes commercially available databases such as Obstacles DB, Air Navigation DB, Terrain Data, POIs, Street and Topographic maps as well as customer owned or user created maps and databases.

  • HENSOLDT Avionics Map Concept

    HENSOLDT AVIONICS provides a new in-house produced map concept with seamless homogeneous worldwide coverage. The new map concept offers highly detailed coverage with latest map data and modern map design. The maps are offered as a subscription service.


  • Control unit CLN8: Optimizing the Human-Machine-Interface
  • Keyboard CLATMN & CLATMN 3.0: Well-suited for use as a mission console or cockpit data entry device
  • RN7 Solid-State-Drive: 512GB storage medium for RN7 and RN7CM containing customer specific maps and databases
  • Mounting tray HNR 7.0 & HNR 7.1: Designed for vertically or horizontally aligned installation of the RN7


The Digital Map Generator RN7 is an integral part of EuroNav 7. It is a high performance avionics computer with the flexibility to meet varying integration requirements to set a new benchmark.

  • Dual core
  • 4G/LTE
  • Multiple hardware slots & interfaces
  • Designed according D0-254
  • Temp. +70° C/ - 45° C

The Digital Map Generator RN7CM (Cockpit Mounted) is an integral part of EuroNav 7. The compact version of the RN7 combines processing unit and control device in one box and is the preferred solution that offers high performance in a small footprint. It supports a wide range of electrical interfaces and video outputs to allow integration in virtually any platform, either fixed or rotary wing.

  • Dual core
  • Slot for extension modules
  • Multiple interfaces
  • Designed according D0-254
  • Temp. +70° C/ - 45° C

Situational Awareness

  • Obstacle Warning

    Obstacle Warnings for collision avoidance.

  • Airspace Warning

    Airspace Warning function alerts the operator before entering a different airspace.

  • Radar Overlay

    Weather and Search Radar outputs are supported and can be shown on top of the map with other information layers.

  • Traffic Overlay/Warning

    The EuroNav 7 receives and displays traffic data from TCAS, ADS-B receivers or FLARM.

  • Vertical Terrain Profile

    The profile shows the actual vertical situation or can be viewed for a full flight plan consisting of several legs.

Product Impressions

Mission Management – Flight Planning

Create and store flight plans. Additionally send flight plans to the FMS as well as receive flight plans from the FMS.

Product Impressions

Mission Management – AIS

Identification and visualization of tracked vessels on the map. Display of AIS target information, such as type, size, position, heading, etc. AIS increases efficiency and safety especially while flying off-shore missions.

Product Impressions

Mission Management – Search & Holding Pattern

Standard Search Pattern (e.g. Rising Ladder, Racing Track, Expanding Square, etc.) are predefined and can be created by entering a few parameters.

Product Impressions

Mission Management – Camera Operations

EuroNav 7 controls a camera by steering it to a coordinate or point on the map. The camera footprint and focus point are depicted as overlay.

Product Impressions

Mission Management – Escape Rings

Determine the search area for identifying moving targets. Range Rings consider target speed and elapsed time.

Product Impressions

Mission Management – Intervisibility

Tactical application that indicates if the aircraft can be detected by a defined position depending on terrain and aircraft altitude.

Product Impressions

Mission Management – Interoperability

The EuroNav 7 offers a wide and extremely flexible range of interfaces to interact with third party equipment, sensors and communications devices. These interfaces allow information and data to be exchanged, processed and displayed. The EuroNav supported interfacing includes (but is not limited to) FMS, AHARS, RadAlt, DF, SatCom, EOS (FLIR), AIS, TCAS, ADS-B, WxR, Satellite Weather, TAWS, Search Radars etc.

Product Impressions

Mission Management – Dual Head

The EuroNav 7 provides independent video output and control functionality for pilot and co-pilot or cockpit and cabin.

Product Impressions

Mission Management – Communication

The EuroNav 7 provides data and voice communication via AIS Transponder, 3G/UMTS and Iridium satellite network. The system can interchange position reports with ground, send status reports or send and receive plain text messages.

Product Impressions

Mission Management – Intuitive HMI

Fully customizable HMI where position of function buttons and panels can be changed quickly and easily. Standard pages optimized to mission, aircraft and customer requirements are available, further user pages can be customized for different operations!

Product Impressions

Mission Management – Page Concept

The Page Concept is a tailored HMI for every mission and/or flight status the customer has in his mission portfolio. The Page Concept also offers you the flexibility to edit a page and assign specific settings associated with each specific page. Your created pages can be shared and imported on other EuroNav 7 Systems.

Product Impressions

Mission Management – My Menu Function

The feature “MY MENU” gives fast access to a customized list of functions from all sources throughout all pages. Frequently used functions can individually combined in one menu to support your mission in the best and efficient way!

Product Impressions

Mission Management – Search Engine

The EuroNav 7 incorporates a powerful and comfortable search engine which provides quick access to data with new search features and various search criteria.

Product Impressions

Mission Management – Database

The EuroNav Software provides several database categories which can be divided into a navigational database, a user database, a database for cities and towns and an address database.

Product Impressions

Mission Management – Record & Event Marker

Whereas the Flight Trace feature temporarily records and graphically depicts the current flight on the map, the recording function stores data for later usage.

Product Impressions

Mission Management – Kneeboard Function

The kneeboard is designed to keep flight-pertinent information close at hand. Such as Frequency Cards, Navigation Cards, Airspace Info, Approach Charts, Departure Charts, Terminal Info, Airport Diagram and many more information.




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